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AZ-P1 Giant

AZ-P1 Giant

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AZ-P1 Giant is sporty and hand tuned pistol. We polish each inner part of the pistol as well as the barrel which requires smooth surface. Thanks to that we achieve the best possible actions such as smooth and sharp trigger and slide.
Colour version
Key features
  • SA trigger – flat, adjustable according to the lenght of a finger, trigger path 2-3mm, point trigger SA and light trigger pull.
  • mount for the optics mounted on the frame
  • adjustable thumb rest for suppport and reduce of the recoil
  • hand polished surface of the frame and slide, there aren't any plays between the components and smooth running, hand polished barrel
  • new design of the weapon
  • this pistol is determined for Open division of IPSC
  • durable plastic suitcase with a possibility of locking
  • pistols AZ-P1 Giant with 20 round magazines and one extra 20 round magazine in the box
  • allen key for the grips, allen key for the sights and the trigger
  • brush and bore cleaning rod, warranty list and manual
  • tha packing does not include colimator - possibility of purchaasing red dot mount for Vortex, Trijicon, Holosun balení


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