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AZ-P1 Sport 2 (Optics Ready)

AZ-P1 Sport 2 (Optics Ready)

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AZ-P1 Sport Optics 2 is giving us even better accuracy and speed, its tuned trigger is a big step forwards. Thanks to manufacturing process, there are not almost any plays between the components and it is giving us extreme accuracy, predictability and also longevity. Thanks to the modularity of our pistols, everyone will do well with it. The pistol is competions ready straight out of the box. This AZ-P1 pistol meets the requirements of the IPSC and is approved to the Production Optics category.
Colour version
Key features
  • new fine tuned trigger mechanism, point trigger with minimal reset and smooth DA trigger travel
  • preset trigger pull weight approx: SA-0.8KG / DA 3.0KG.
  • possibility to choose the new tipe of the adjustable trigger for lenght of the finger even for SA/DA. with possibility to move trigger tipe forward and backward in relation to a bore axis according to lenght of the finger in range to 9mm, with possibility to change the trigger tip
  • adjusting the weight of the trigger pull by set srew that preloads the trigger spring


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