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AZ-P1 Super Optics Special

AZ-P1 Super Optics Special

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- new fine tuned trigger mechanism, point trigger with minimal reset and short travel distance- approx 2-3mm
- preset trigger pull weight approx: SA-0.7KG
- possibility to move trigger tip forwards and backwards in relation to a bore axis according to lenght of the finger in range to 9mm, with possibility to change the trigger tip

- ajusting the weight of the trigger pull by set srew that preloads the trigger spring
- mounted compensator 
- threaded barell
- mounted magwell 
- glued grip in the grooves on frame and grips for even finer grip on the pistol in tough situations

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Calibre 9x19
Overall length [mm] 270
Overall height [mm] 150
Width [mm] 45
Weight with empty magazine [g] (empty magazine 105 g) 1245
Barrel length [mm] 139
Number of barrel grooves 6
Rifling twist    250mm right
Sight radius [mm] 176
Magazine capacity 19 rounds
Frame material Light alloy
Trigger mechanism SA with manual safety


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